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Notes from the Grooming Table - SECOND EDITION Notes Pocket Pal - Second Edition Theory of 5
Notes from the Grooming Table - SECOND EDITIONNotes Pocket Pal - Second EditionTheory of 5

An All Breed Reference Guide for the Professional Pet Groomer and Stylist.  Full of detailed illustrations and information. 

New Notes Pocket Pal 2nd Edition is the handy reference version of Notes From the Grooming Table 2nd Edition.

The bestselling book by Melissa Verplank that is used by top professionals.  Great for training your staff and educating customers.




Whiskers Vol. 1 - Bow Making A Creative Collection AKC Complete Dog Book
Whiskers Vol. 1 - Bow MakingA Creative CollectionAKC Complete Dog Book

The Whiskers Learning Journal is a 32 page encyclopedia designed to give you simple step by step instructions on how to create exquisite bows for any occasion for any pet. Learn how to create your own bows in as little as 5 minutes! Price $14.95

A Creative Collection by Angela Kumpe A creative Collection is the only book of its kind. No other media on the market today covers the art of creative styling from start to finish.

A must for any professional! "The" reference guide within the industry.




Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Canine Terminology Grooming the Broken-Haired Terrier
Canine Body Language: A Photographic GuideCanine TerminologyGrooming the Broken-Haired Terrier

A wonderful photographic guide of dog body language.

This is one of the most complete and well done glossaries we have ever seen. The illustrations are incredible.

The Best Manual on Hand-Stripping Ever!




K-9 Structure and Terminology Poodle Clipping and Grooming Mast Pet Groomer Colin Taylor's new book "What Would Colin Do?" offers best dog grooming industry tips.
K-9 Structure and TerminologyPoodle Clipping and GroomingWhat Would Colin Do?

Abundant, informative, and detailed illustrations.

Excellent reference source for any professional stylist, written by a true expert - $29.95

Hilarious and insightful.  The perfect way to end a grooming day.  Makes an excellent gift!




Reference Charts - Laminated Set
Reference Charts - Laminated Set

8 Quick Reference Chart Protected from the elements! Price $27.60