Odor Handler Crystals - 9 LB

Odor Handler Crystals - 9 LB
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This dissolvable powder can be used for dozens of tasks including odor control, degreasing, bacteria, fleas, stains, and even your dirty towels. Mixes and dissolves into all diluted shampoos or water. Can be mixed one scoop to one gallon of warm water or pre-diluted product.

  • Perfect for removing skunk odors when used as directed with 15:1 Shampoo
  • Aids in eliminating bacteria, yeast, fungus and ringworm
  • Can be used to remove many stains such as food, blood, coffee, and detergent buildup
  • Terrific for mopping floors, cleaning refrigerators, shampooing carpets, or washing walls
  • Fragrance-free (no cover-up smells)
  • Leaves no fumes or residue
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • One thousand times more effective than enzymes
  • Use dry on dirt floors, kennel runs, or cat litter boxes
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